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With Sienna visiting International Art Exhibition held at La Biennale in Venice - 2nd. Nov. 2011
{magnolia} but it did happen

Sienna Miller holds hands with boyfriend Tom Sturridge while visiting the 54th International Art Exhibition held at La Biennale in Venice, Italy on Wednesday (November 2).

Tom, 25, and Sienna, 29, checked out the exhibition, which is titled ILLUMInations and set up in the Central Pavilion at Giardini and Arsenale featuring 83 artists from all over the world. The venues were directed by Bice Curiger.

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With Sienna departing from Venice (4th Nov. 2011) and having dinner in Venice (3rd. Nov. 2011)
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Sienna Miller and her boyfriend, fellow actor Tom Sturridge, catch a British Airways flight out of Venice, Italy on Friday (November 4).

Last night, the happy couple was seen stepping out for a romantic dinner and taking a boat ride down a canal. Pictured below!

Earlier in the day, Tom, 25, and Sienna, 29, stopped by Piazza San Marco, aka Saint Mark Square. The love bugs were even spotted kissing while kissing on a park bench!

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With Sienna in Venice, Italy - 3rd Nov. 2011
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Tom Sturridge And Sienna Miller At The Hackney Empire 25/10/2011 & Filming 'Effie'
Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller were spotted together at the Hackney Empire in London, on Tuesday 25th October 2011. The Florence and the Machine new album launch was held at the HE on the same night so that may explain why they were there ('Snow White And the Huntsman' and Kristen's co-star actress/model Lily Cole was at the launch).

Copyright: Rex Features Rotello/MCP/Rex Features

Tom Sturridge filming 'Effie' in Greenwich, London. Dakota Fanning, Emma Thompson and Greg Wise were also seen on set.

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Tom talks On The Road
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British actor Tom Sturridge has revealed how he really enjoyed working on the movie On The Road, especially getting to work with director Walter Salles. Tom also admitted that the film took a very long time to shoot, considering there were no major stunts or explosions involved.

Sturridge explained, “It was extraordinary, just taking on that seminal book and doing it with Walter Salles, who, in my mind, is one of the best 50 directors alive. I’ll give you the full list, if you want. It was incredibly intense and long. We shot for six months. It’s quite unusual for a film that doesn’t have car explosions and stunt set pieces to shoot for such a long time.”

He added, “We genuinely spent six months doing scenes every day. That sounds stupid, but in most films that take six months you’re actually spending four weeks getting to go [starts mock fighting]. It was amazing.” Tom Sturridge can be seen, alongside Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst, when On The Road is released next year.


Junkhearts: exclusive trailer

New Junkhearts still and review
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Release Date (UK) – 4th November 2011
Country – US
Certificate – TBC
Runtime – 90 minutes
Director – Tinge Krishnan
Starring – Eddie Marsan, Candese Reid, Tom Sturridge, Romola Garai

Junkhearts is the long awaited feature length debut of celebrated shorts director, BAFTA award winning Tinge Krishnan. Standing as a multi-stranded psychological thriller, Junkhearts follows Frank (Eddie Marson), an ex-soldier suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) in his day-to-day life after meeting homeless girl Lynette (Candese Reid), who later manipulates and takes advantage and cuckoos the ex-soldier with her Irish boyfriend Danny (Tom Sturridge).

It’s nice to see British cinema isn’t scared to touch on the relative subject of PTSD brought on by war, and Marson does great justice to the portrayal of ex-British soldiers. However, the execution of this topic isn’t quite up to scratch when combined with writer Simon Frank’s choice of dialogue. Not to say the dialogue isn’t well put together, because a lot of the chemistry between Frank and Lynette is caused by the off hand and friendly way they talk to each other, but it detracts away from the seriousness of the subject and the ethos of the film as a whole. You end up laughing in parts where I don’t think you’re meant to, either that’s the type of reaction Simon was looking for from his audience or there was something not on point. Read more...Collapse )

With Sienna in London - 14th Sept. 2011
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